Hookup Online - How to Make It Work?

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Dating sites are everywhere now, with some offering the potential for a long-term relationship while others promise as many casual hook-ups as you can handle. If you are a man looking for the latter, make sure that you choose the dating apps designed for what you are after. You are not going to land very many hook-ups if you create a profile on a dating site filled with women who are all on there looking for their soul mate. Take some time to find the site or dating app that is right for you before you start creating that killer profile.

A Great Profile Picture

Once you have found the hook-up site that best matches your needs, it is your profile that is going to dictate how many dates you actually land. You can be the best-looking guy in the world but if you show nothing other than a pretty smile on your profile page. Women are going to pause for a moment and then swipe past you.

Yes, a great profile picture is good, but a shot of you staring straight at the camera with your best smile is not what sells. Women tend to respond better to action shots that show you doing something you like. Maybe it could be lining up a shot at the pool table or hiking your favorite trail that you use, but just choose something that says a little bit about you and what you like to do.

Send Messages That Are Personalized

Many dating sites and apps allow you to send pre-set greeting to women that catch your eye. But it's probably best that you don't use them. Send messages that are personalized towards the woman you are interested in, which could contain something about an interest or hobby that they list on their profile page. This lets the recipient see that you did more than just look at their cute picture on their profile.

Be Yourself At All Times

By that, we mean that you should chat the way you normally would when you are having a face to face conversation. It's easy to use shortened versions of words and improper spellings when chatting, but it tends not to send a very good message to your intended hook-up. It's not that difficult to compliment someone without resorting to, "OMG ur hot." Be thoughtful and tasteful, and while you may be on a hook-up site, there should still be some level of flirting and "foreplay" before you get down to the verbal nitty gritty.

Meeting At Public Place First

Never assume that every girl you meet online is going to be down with hooking up right away. It's always a good idea to suggest meeting at a bar, coffee shop, or some other public place first as opposed to suggesting your place or hers. This gives you time to chat face to face to see if the spark you had online carries over into real life. These meetings may not all end in hook-ups, but they should increase you chances of closing the deal.

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